The Last of Us 2: Will Naughty Dog Learn Anything From Uncharted 4?

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While PlayStation owners everywhere are excited for Uncharted 4: A Thief?s End, many are wondering when they?ll see The Last of Us 2, a sequel to the acclaimed action-adventure game that Naughty Dog also worked on for the PS3. It was seen as odd for the company to release a new IP before the PS4 came out, but the game ended up being so good it was remastered for the current-gen console.

GamesRadar recently wrote an article about how Uncharted 4 actually learned a few things from The Last of Us, adding bigger environments and more interaction with the supporting cast. This will help the player grow attached to them more, which will effectively work if something tragic happens to them.

This now begs the question: will The Last of Us 2 learn anything from Uncharted 4? Considering that both games are from the same developer, it wouldn?t be much of a surprise to see the two titles share some elements.

Admittedly, that can be difficult since Uncharted is more about high-stakes action similar to a summer blockbuster, while The Last of Us is more dramatic and character-driven. It would be weird seeing an Uncharted-style set piece in the sequel to The Last of Us.

That?s not to say The Last of Us can?t learn anything from any of the Uncharted games. The close-ranged combat in the former could use some work, so it could easily borrow some elements from the latter to make it a more fun experience.

The only new gameplay features we?ve seen so far in Uncharted 4 is the grappling hook in the multiplayer mode as well as the driving mechanics which was shown at E3 2015. Naughty Dog might consider including these features in The Last of Us 2.

Funnily enough, Uncharted voice actor Nolan North was in the first game. Considering how Troy Baker, the voice of Joel, makes a major appearance in Uncharted 4, it will be interesting to see if North will return to voice a new character.

Can The Last of Us 2 learn anything from Uncharted 4? Sure, but it shouldn?t get too much from it. Both games might have their similarities, but they have different tones that have to be maintained.

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