‘The Last Of Us 2’ Updates: Joel Allegedly Dead In Sequel

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One of the most anticipated games next year is The Last of Us 2. As a result, there are several speculations on what the story is going to be about. Rumor has it that one of the main characters in the first installment, Joel, will no longer appear in the sequel for he is already dead.

In several tweets, Ashley Johnson, who voices the protagonist Ellie, was seen in the studio. She is working once more with Naughty Dog for the second installment of The Last of Us series. However, fans noticed something that is weird – Troy Baker is nowhere to be found.

Baker is the man behind Joel?s voice. In the first The Last of Us game, both Baker and Johnson worked together and managed to give justice to their respective characters. But this time, there are speculations that it will be Johnson alone who will star in the game.

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Because Baker has not tweeted anything about him working in the studio with Naughty Dog, rumor has it that his character has already died. Should that be the case, then gamers should not expect him in The Last of Us 2.

Although Joel was seen in the trailer released earlier this month, there are theories that it was just Ellie hallucinating that Joel is still alive. On a good note, Naughty Dog has not confirmed whether or not Joel is alive, so the chance of him appearing in the game is still open.

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Meanwhile, another speculation states that Ellie could be pregnant in the upcoming installment of the game. The rumor started when a posted circulated online suggesting that the character is having a baby. But, as seen in the trailer, Ellie is not pregnant.

Moreover, the fact that she has no love interest is a clear indication that there is no way she is expecting a child. But, if ever she was really pregnant, then gamers should anticipate the introduction of a new character that will be Ellie?s love partner. It will also be somehow logical especially if Joel is already dead.

How about you? Do you think Joel has passed away? Do you believe Ellie is pregnant? Who do you think is the father of the child? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. For more news and updates about The Last of Us 2, stay tuned here on The Bitbag.

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