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The Last Of Us 2 Update, System Requirements, Release Date: How Ellie Might Be Different From Joel In Naughty Dog Sequel

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The Last of Us 2 updates have been scarce after Naughty Dog announced the sequel earlier this month. Many are curious about Ellie and Joel?s return, as well as news related to system requirements and its release date.

As such, we have rounded up details about what gamers can expect from the hit title.

The Return of Ellie and Joel

One of the highlights of the recently concluded PlayStation Experience was the unveiling of the game?s trailer. It showed The Last of Us 2?s Ellie looking more grown up compared to the original version.

She is inside a house full of dead people, with many assuming that she was the one who killed them all.

The in-game character is seen strumming a haunting song on a guitar. Based on the lyrics, the female protagonist seemingly hinted on revenge.

Another character from The Last of Us 2, Joel suddenly appears in the preview. He walked up to a bloodied Ellie and cryptically asked her if she is sure about her plans. This further emphasized speculations that the sequel will be a revenge game that will focus on the young female.

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The Last of Us 2 update from behind-the-scenes clips

Fans would be happy to know that an update for The Last of Us 2 was revealed by the game?s director. ?

A behind-the-scenes photo was posted on the Twitter page of Neil Druckmann. It hinted at how the much-awaited game is going full speed ahead on its developmental stages.

The snapshot showed real-life Ellie Ashley Johnson inside a motion capture room. She is seen holding a knife that was likely the one used during the original game?s mo-cap sequences. It is also possible that the weapon was used in the brutal murder scenes that were teased in the trailer.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the released materials on The Last of Us 2 emphasized how Ellie will be the sequel?s playable character. The story is expected to fast forward to a number of years, where she will be more able to defend herself.

Furthermore, some believe that the former young girl will be older and wiser than Joel. However, it is uncertain what the former main character?s role will be when The Last of Us returns.

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System requirements, release date

According to Game Debate, it is unsure if The Last of Us 2?s system requirements will allow it to be available on PC. ?For now, many believe that the game will be exclusive to PlayStation 4.

As for The Last of Us 2?s release date, GameNGuide says the earliest launch will be on 2018. However, it can also be delayed until 2021 since Naughty Dog is still busy with their prized franchise, Unchartered.

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