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The Last Of Us 2 Trailer, Song Hints At One Character’s Suicide

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Screenshot from Playstation official YouTube page

The Last of Us 2 trailer has been widely talked-about ever since it was released last weekend. Based on the scenes and its eerie background song, fans have formulated a major theory about the new title.

Director Neil Druckmann previously said that it would be a ‘story about hate.? However, it is uncertain who among the game?s characters will be the main focus – and who could possibly be dead already.

Clues from Last of Us 2 trailer

Rumors are rife that male protagonist Joel is dead in The Last of Us 2. This theory was raised because of how he looked like an apparition in the preview.

There were only a few shots of him in the teaser, but fans noticed how he does not seem to have aged. His clothes also looked unusually clean, with no blood on him at all. This stood out specifically because Ellie looked like the exact opposite: rugged and full of blood stains.

It actually seemed like the female protagonist had murdered a full of house of people. If this is the case, Joel?s clean look could mean that he is already a ghost.

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Who committed suicide?

Gamers have also been speculating that Joel might have killed himself in the past. Apart from how he looked too pristine in the trailer, he also noticeably had a gun on his hand the whole time.


Screenshot from Playstation official YouTube page

Those who have seen the trailer also questioned how casual he sounded while talking to Ellie. ?”What are you doing kiddo? Are you really going to go through with this?? he asked. According to some, it seemed strangely passive considering that someone is bent on seeking revenge.

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The Last of Us 2 song

The creepy song in The Last of Us 2?s teaser also seemingly hinted about Joel?s suicide.

?I fear no evil because I?m blind to it all / My mind and my gun they comfort me,? one portion said.

?I came upon a man at the top of a hill / Called himself the savior of the human race? but I said how can you save the world from itself.?

However, it is also possible that Joel is still alive since the game has a buddy combat system. This means that Ellie will still need a partner. Fans will only get to confirm all these when the game comes out. However, The Last of Us 2?s release date has not been announced yet.

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