Last of Us 2 Release Date: Possible Announcement on E3

last of us 2 release date
When is the game’s release date? [Image from Mathchief]

One common question PS4 fans have been asking themselves is when Last of Us 2 would be released. Ever since a video of the sequel was shown, fans have been hoping for more news, but to no luck. With E3 2017 happening next month, there’s a good chance that the game will be shown off in some capacity.

The first game was a landmark title on PS3, while the PS4 port enhanced the visuals and added the DLC. It’s easy to see why everyone is so excited for the sequel, despite the lack of gameplay footage and details. Since E3 is the biggest show of the year, it would actually be surprising not to see the sequel.

New E3 Material?

Fans are really hoping that the Last of Us 2 release date or window would be revealed on E3. The only thing fans know about the game is that it stars Ellie and won’t be coming out this year. PlayStation 4 owners would love a 2018 release date, but the lack of new material makes this unlikely to happen.

Should Naughty Dog refrain from showing fans a release date, they could show off some new footage of the game. No gameplay videos for the title have been released so far and it would be nice to see it in action. Any new information about the game would be great, since the first game left a huge impression on fans.

The Road to E3

Until Naughty Dog actually announces a Last of Us 2 release date, all fans can do is hope for a hint of its release. The title is the most anticipated PS4 game right now, so many are really hoping for some sort of appearance. With other games coming to the show, like the new Assassin’s Creed and a possible Batman title, anything is possible.

Due to the lack of news, fans have been speculating on the game’s story and the possibility of Joel’s death. These are all just theories though, so it’s hard to say if Joel is dead, though it would be intriguing. Now that an older Ellie is the protagonist, it will be interesting to see how the story progresses through.

The Last of Us 2 is going to be a PS4 exclusive, but it currently has no release date or window. In the meantime, players can get the remastered edition of the first game on the PS4 right now.

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