Last Of Us 2 Release Date & Plot Rumors: Could Answer Be In Uncharted 4?

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The Last Of Us 2

Naughty Dog’s absence at the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 has left its fans disappointed who were expecting the announcement of ?Last Of Us 2? during the event. Although there is no official information about the sequel, there are a lot of speculations surrounding the Last Of Us 2.

At the end of last year, creative director for The Last Of Us, Neil Druckmann has confirmed the sequel of Last Of Us. According to CinemaBlend, Neil spoke about the Last Of Us 2 in an interview with PlayStation Magazine. He didn’t provide any information about the plot or release date of the game.

Neil said, ?The answer is – and this is totally honest, and I’ve said this in the past – that when Bruce and I moved over to Uncharted 4, we were brainstorming ideas for The Last Of Us 2 with new characters; ideas for TLOU 2 with Joel and Ellie; ideas for a sci-fi game; ideas for a fantasy game, and building prototypes for each one of those ideas. And just as we were getting close to settling or narrowing that list down, we were asked to work on Uncharted 4.?

In the last month Hypable reported that there is an easter egg in Uncharted 4, which indicates that the sequel could be named ?Last Of Us:American Daughters?. Savvy gamer has discovered the poster in an unspecified stage in Uncharted 4.

The poster shows a pregnant lady wearing a gas mask and gun in her hand. Some analysts believe that this lady could be The Last Of Us?s main female protagonist Ellie while some believe it’s her mother Anna.

According to Movie Plot, one of the possible plots is that the pregnant lady is Ellie. Joel is dead. Ellie will have her kids and the game will focus on Ellie protecting her kids. As Neil has mentioned, the Last Of Us 2 could be a science fiction game. It means the gamers could experience advanced machinery in Last Of Us 2.

It would be a little disappointing for Last Of Us fans, but the game can?t be expected before 2018. More easter eggs can be discovered in the future that can put some light on upcoming game.


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