The Last of Us 2 Release Date: Confirmation To Arrive During PSX Event?

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The Last of Us 2 release date has kept fans in suspense. But recently, the news was a bit promising. According to the latest reports, despite Naughty Dog?s silent treatment regarding the development of the game, it?s possible that it will be one of the surprise features on the upcoming PlayStation Experience (PSX) this December.

Fans were hopeful when Nolan North, the voice behind Uncharted 4?s Nathan Drake, said Naughty Dog has started brainstorming. It?s not an official announcement and fans should not have taken it as a final confirmation. But the idea of the Last of Us 2 release date arriving in this decade is so compelling, players will believe anything that has something to do with the game.

History of The Last of Us 2 rumors

Featured on PSU?s report is Sony?s apparent denial that The Last of Us 2 is under development. Meanwhile, Ashley Johnson, who voiced Ellie in the “Last of Us”, said she?s all set to join the cast if need be. In one of her interviews, she said ?For now, the last one. I know they’re doing The Last of Us 2, but my character in The Last of Us had an untimely demise.?

Recently, the hype on The Last of Us 2 release date coming soon was fired up when neoGaf user Shinobi602 posted something that says ?Maybe you don’t have to wait that long? accompanied by a photo of Ellie on the Last of Us original game. Regardless of what fans read today, Sony has one more exclusive game to give before they close the year. The Last of Us 2 may not be a resounding topic in the four corner studios of Sony, but in the eyes of avid fans, it?s something that is highly expected this year.

WWG, on the other hand, reported that Last of Us remastered game has been produced for the PlayStation 4 and its was greatly supported by fans. Could it be that it?s the next flight for the series coming this year? For more news and details about The Last of Us 2 release date and other updates, make sure to follow and read us here on TheBitBag.

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