The Last Of Us 2: Naughty Dog Teases Plot, What Causes Ellie’s Hatred; Release Set Q4 2018

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Not much is known about The Last of Us 2 at this point, but Naughty Dog hasn’t been entirely secretive when it comes to its development. It provided us updates here and therejust enough to stir the hype until the game officially hits the shelves soon. Although it’s pretty sketchy, the sequel’s creative director, Neil Druckmann, was kind enough to give us a tidbit of information about what the next installment is all about.

Set five years after the first game, Ellie will not be the playable character, replacing Joel. But unlike the first game which was about love, the follow-up would be about hate, according to Druckmann. We can totally see it from the trailer which included a sobering conversation about the people Ellie needed to kill. A dead body is seen on the floor and her hands are calloused and scraped.

“If the first game was really about the love between these two characters, this story is the counter of that,” the creative director explained earlier. “This is a story is about hate, through Ellie this time. The first game you play as Joel, this game you play as Ellie.”

Now 19, the female lead spent years surviving the collapse of civilization and it has a taken a toll on her. Druckmann did not go further into detail, but he did share that Ellie plays “differently” than the male protagonist. “I’m getting into risky territory here [laughs]. Some things are evolution, some things are reinvention, but there will be a gameplay reveal down the road,” he said.

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The Last of Us 2: Ellie’s Hatred

We can recall that the story of the first installment was heavily focused on the relationship between Joel and Ellie and how the old man has grown to love and protect the girl as if she was his own daughter. With that said, the main question now is what causes Ellie’s hatred. Where did it come from?

A famous theory predicts it might have stemmed from Joel’s ultimate death from the hands of the fireflies which leads to Ellie wanting for revenge. However, a new speculation claims otherwise. Rather, Joel might have been infected by the very same virus that he had a chance to put an end to. This is a more poetic approach as it would stress the fact that there are consequences for one’s actions despite how unforgiving the outcome may be.

If this happens, Ellie would be the one who has to put him out of misery which makes much more sense. Not only could it justify her hatred, it could also explore further the origin of the outbreak assuming she decides to after the infected that took her loved ones away from her.


Whatever the reason is, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it won’t disappoint.

The Last of Us 2 has no exact release date yet. But speculations are rife that it’ll arrive PS4 exclusive in the fourth quarter of 2018 the earliest, probably around Christmas. Check out the trailer below!

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