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The Last Of Us 2: Ellie Kills Joel? Plot Twist, Gameplay Updates – How Different Will It Be From The Original?

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Screenshot from PlayStation official Youtube page

The Last of Us 2 trailer has been generating a lot of buzz since its trailer was unveiled last weekend. With so many theories about the plot and rumors about gameplay updates, many wonder how the sequel will compare to the original version.

Director Neil Druckmann initially admitted that The Last of Us 2?s plot will be ?a story about hate.? However, it is unsure who between the two main characters ? Ellie and Joel ? will be doing all the hating.

Hints from Last of Us 2 trailer

In line with this, many believe that Ellie will take the lead in The Last of Us 2. This is because of a theory that Joel is already dead.


Screenshot from PlayStation’s official YouTube channel

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Reports pointed out that the male protagonist looked like an apparition in the teaser video. Even though he was only shown briefly, his unusually clean look amid a house full of murdered people raised suspicions. He also seemingly hasn?t aged.

These aspects were made even more obvious when the older Ellie was revealed. Aside from looking more mature compared to when we last saw her, she also had a lot of bruises and blood marks.

As such, it is possible that Joel?s pristine image was just a ghost who was visiting Ellie.

Suicide speculations

Aside from how he is possibly dead already, speculations surfaced that Joel might have committed suicide.

According to gamers, this is because of how he mysteriously had a gun on his hand throughout The Last of Us 2? trailer.

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Did Ellie kill Joel?

However, there have long been rumors that Ellie was the one who killed Joel. Those who follow the story would remember that she willingly presented herself to go through surgery to help the Fireflies organization.

This was supposedly when Joel came into the picture. He saved the then-young Ellie, but unfortunately killed everyone at Fireflies.

Several fans believe that this is a possible reason why the female lead is bent on revenge in the preview. However, some think it is too far-fetched and deviate from the original storyline too much. Moreover, Joel?s death and his rumored conflict with Ellie would just ruin The Last of Us 2?s gameplay.

With so many alleged twists, everyone will just have to wait until the sequel comes out. Unfortunately, the release date of The Last of Us 2 has not been confirmed yet.

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Check out The Last of Us 2?s trailer HERE and let us know if you agree with these theories. We at TheBitBag will also be on the lookout for game updates and other related news.

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