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?The Last Ship? Season 4 Spoilers: Chandler?s Fate & Season 4?s Premiere Date

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Season 3 of The Last Ship ended with a dramatic finale last week. ?Fans were taken aback when because of Tex?s shocking death. If that wasn?t enough, Tom Chandler also resigned from his post. Now the big question remains for most fans, just what is next for Tom Chandler and the rest of the cast of the show?

To help quench fans? thirst for answers, we have scoured the internet for the latest spoilers. Scroll down below to figure out what?s been uncovered so far and when The Last Ship Season 4 will most likely make its debut!

The finale was a dramatic one. Fans were worried for Chandler with Allison Shaw out for him. But luck was on Chandler?s side when Shaw failed.

Too bad the same couldn?t be said for Tex, as he died from the gunshot wounds. Tex was pretty important to the cast. He was a pretty big asset to the crew so far.

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Spoilers Ahead

The dramatic finale ended with a surprise twist. Shockingly Tom Chandler had resigned. His resignation signals his departure from his formal life in the navy into an unknown one.

With a different life ahead of him, fans wonder how Chandler will continue in a new setting and how he will grow as a character. Not to mention, will he be able to return to the navy? And how?

How Tex died and the words he drew before his demise will have a lasting impact on Chandler. Steven Kane explain on TV Line that Tex?s words will continue to affect Chandler for the future of the show. Kan says: “That’s going to echo for Chandler throughout the future of the show,”

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As for the setting of Season 4. Kane revealed that the story will pick up after a year from the events of Season 3. This one year jump means that Chandler along with the characters would have gone through their own paths. It wouldn?t be a surprise if Chandler and the cast may be pretty different people when Season 4 starts.

Fans should rejoice for Chandler and Sasha?s relationship. This is because the showrunner has confirmed that actress Bridget Regan is already set to return for season 4. But then again, who knows what that 1 year leap may have done for them.


Tom Chandler

As for Tom Chandler?s fate, actor Eric Dane shared a bit on what to expect from him in The Last Ship Season 4. He explains that Season 4 is going to be an intense season.

He explains that Season 4 will be like a mythical odyssey for Tom. It would be how Chandler will embark on his journey back to consciousness.

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Season 4 of the show is believed to premiere in the summer of 2017. And going with the schedules of the previous seasons, odds are it’s going to air on June 2017.

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