The Last Ship Season 3 Spoilers: EP Confirms Dr. Scott?s Death; Sasha and Chandler to Get Back Together?

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The Last Ship Season 3 may feature Sasha and Chandler getting back together.
The Last Ship Season 3 may feature Sasha and Chandler getting back together.

The latest episode of The Last Ship, titled In the Dark, was a major shock to viewers, as an important character committed suicide because of guilt. Takehaya?s role also seems to be slowly shifting from an enemy to an ally. Meanwhile, some cast members of the show dished spoilers for The Last Ship Season 3 at the San Diego Comic-Con. Will Sasha and Chandler rekindle their former flame? [Spoilers Alert!]

The Last Ship Season 3 episode 7 saw the shocking death of President Michener. After being questioned by Jacob if he feels guilty of the death of his citizens, the president delivered an emotional speech to the public. He admitted that because of his son, whom they didn?t know had the virus, was brought to Florida. This caused?the illness to spread through the region, killing ?tens of thousands of people.? Surprisingly, after the speech, Kara discovers that the president had committed suicide. The American leader?s tragic death is expected to shake his staff and even the entire world.

What to Expect in Future Episodes

Meanwhile, in the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con, some cast members shared what fans can expect in the remaining episodes of the show. Despite theories that Dr. Scott is still alive, executive producer Steven Kane told Collider that the character is ?definitely dead.? With her gone, it?s yet to be seen how the world will survive the mutating virus. Their only resource now is Dr. Scott?s notes.the-last-ship-season-3

On the other hand, Bridget Regan, who plays Sasha, hinted a rekindling of the former flame of her character and Chandler. According to her, with the recent events, both characters know that they could lose each other any moment. She further said that their current relationship humanizes them as they are both widowed and have a lot of problems. Now that they?re back working together, ?their former flame could be rekindled.?

The Last Ship Season 3 airs Sunday nights on TNT.

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