Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12 Spoilers and Episode 11 Recap: Japan Destroyed; America and the Nathan James Next?

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Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12 Spoilers

Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12 spoilers are set to be exciting, considering the recent developments on the show. The citizens of America are devastated seeing the destruction of their country and the governing body that is tasked to protect them. Their leaders are now facing new enemies and are forced to risk getting into a partnership with people whose intentions are questionable.


To recap episode 11, Tom lead his crew and Nathan James to Japan. Still adamant to protect his home country by defeating Peng, Tom engages in battle. Unfortunately, they weren?t able to stop Peng from setting afire the national treasures of Japan. Nonetheless, after one last epic battle with the main foreign villain of this season, Tom and his crew emerge victorious, setting Japan free to recover.

With Peng defeated and the Asia case finally resolved, Tom needs to head home to fight another battle and face a more dangerous enemy. The tension between Allison Shaw and her colleagues are intensifying because of her betrayal. She sets up Tom as a traitor and lies about his motives on national TV.

One highlight of episode 11 is when Joseph teams up with Tom to stop Allison and supports him at all cost. Joseph believes in Tom?s sincerity and ?intention of helping them and the citizens of America.

Tex is Back!

Another vital team up from this episode is probably Kara and Tex. The former U.S. Army Special Forces soldier was absent from the first 10 episodes and his return in episode 11 is just perfect timing. Tex to the rescue can now aid Kara and Jacob?s plight with Allison.

Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12 Spoilers


Tex has intel on the corruption that Allison is leading in the White House after working on the security detail for Rebecca Price and the other regional leaders. He is now the key that will reveal the true motives of the regional leaders and possibly help President Oliver reclaim his power.

Jacob?s death proves the danger our heroes are up against. Allison shows how she will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. In Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12, we can expect Tom and Joseph, as well as Tex and Kara to face more challenges before they can restore the peace and glory back in America. ?

In the promo trailer, Tom returns home in Last Ship Season 3 Episode 12: Resistance and gets greeted by missiles. Will Nathan James survive this? See promo trailer here:

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