The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 10: Kara Discovers White House Mole?

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Rio Olympics took over most of our TV channels during the past week, causing us to miss our favorite tv series. (But it?s all good! Olympics doesn?t happen often anyways!) This includes the postponement of The Last Ship Season 3 Episode 10 entitled: ?Scuttle?, to August 21.

What we know so far

Fans say that this episode was one of the best they?ve seen so far in the post-apocalyptic genre.

Tom, Sasha, Danny and Wolf are suspecting that Chinese President Peng used to create the missiles carrying the anti-cure. He is seen working desperately to protect his country. This goes to show that Peng was indeed deceiving Tom all along. Tom believes that the Asian empire poses the biggest threat to their country and it?s better to take them head on instead of focusing to protect America from home.

Someone from the White House has been sabotaging the Nathan James. The ship?s coordinates were sent to Chinese President Peng, trapping the ship in a crossfire. The audience has yet to find out who this mole is. Some say his identity will be revealed towards the end, maybe even in Episode 10. But let?s try to break some suspects down.

What are Allison Shaw?s true motives? It was shocking to find out that she was the one who ordered the hit on Rivera, when we had thought that Rivera was the sinister and sneaky one all along. Does this mean that Allison is the White House mole? But Allison is a Federalist and she is unlikely to be working with Peng. If Allison is the snitch, what kind of America is she really trying to envision?

So is it Rivera then? He is after all secretly working with Senator Beatty, so he could have been the one giving intel to Peng. What?s more suspicious is that Alex leaves the room every time Kara gets new coordinates. But then we see him and the senator assassinated by unknown armed men in Episode 9 and he warns Kara that she is not safe as he is dying. This still leaves ?the White House mole as an unknown. Will Episode 10 reveal the identity to Kara?

Last Ship Season 3

As season 3 nears its conclusion, the plot brings in a new tide and it is definitely big. This intense show has only four more episodes to reveal its mysteries and secrets. It will surely be hard to part with. Good thing TNT just recently announced that The Last Ship is renewed for a fourth season and will air probably early in 2017. Forbes reported that The Last Ship Season 3 is positively gaining more viewers as the series progresses.

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