Last of Us Voice Actors Aired Opinions About the Game’s Movie

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Last of Us Remastered will launch exclusively for PS4 this Friday. There are also talks about its upcoming movie. However, if you are putting the original voice actors on the big screen, it might not be as good as the game. The Last of Us crew is now looking for actors that will take the part of the characters we loved in the game.

The voices behind the characters Joel and Ellie aired their comments about the upcoming Last of Us movie by Screen Gems.

In an interview with IGN, voice actors Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker stated their remarks about what they want to see when the movie is out.

According to Ashley Johnson, the voice behind Ellie:

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“Selfishly, the only requirement I would want is just that they love it as much as I do, which clearly is not going to happen. But to at least have played the game so they know what it was, but who knows if that’s going to happen. I know somebody could do an amazing job with it and I think they will.”

Troy Baker, the voice of Joel, also drew the same conclusion. However, he described it using William Shakespeare?s plays as an example of how he wanted the movie to be. He wanted to see them play the characters with the actor?s vision.

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?The beauty of what we do, with the game specifically, is that the face isn’t what you see, you see Joel. I like some of that anonymity. For this specifically, what we have done with the characters? lives within the game and is perfect for it.??

Also, Troy Baker has a serious request to be part of the Last of Us movie crew, as a clicker. The movie will be produced by Sam Raimi, the director behind the original Evil Dead and the Spider-man trilogies (with Tobey Maguire). There are also talks about Game of Throne?s Arya Stark as one of the cast of the movie. The movie was announced back in March and is still under development.

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