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Last Of Us Artist To Help Fund Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

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Shenmue 3 Is Highest Kickstarter Video Game Ever

Even as Shenmue 3 attained its target $2 million Kickstarter goal in less than a day when it was announced at Sony?s E3 2015 conference, funding for the game has faltered lately. To help fund the game and?achieve more stretch goals, John Sweeney, reportedly a big fan of Shenmue who has worked as a concept artist on notable Naughty Dog Games such as The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, is creating a limited edition art print to help support the?Kickstarter.

Sweeney?s artwork will be hand-numbered by Sweeney and licensed by SEGA. The print artwork is priced at $99 and up. You can order it through Cook & Becker.

The artwork depicts the scene and emotions of Ryo when his father was killed. Ryo stands in front of a dojo?s opened door amidst the blizzard outside and ?hints at him seeking revenge.?

?I wanted to imagine a shot where Ryo is standing just outside the dojo where his father was just killed,? Sweeney said in a news release. ?It is cold and very early in the morning. Snow is falling. The morning light is still weak and only some of the wood interior is catching light from the outside.?

As of this writing, Shenmue 3 has $4.5 million, more than double the amount of its $2-million goal. The Kickstarter has 9 days and reaching certain stretch goals will help make the game developers create more content for the game.

Shenmue Series Creator Yu Suzuki said reaching $5-million will help them provide ?features not present in 1 & 2, features that I really want to see in Shenmue 3 like the Warring Kingdom scenarios?.

As posted on the Shenmue Kickstarter page, reaching $5-million will enable the team to expand Baisha Village and integrate a character perspective system.

The stretch goal reaches up to $11-million, a seemingly unreachable fund with the remaining days left. Suzuki?s dream of attaining $10-million to make Shenmue a ?true open world? now also feels like a lost cause.

But maybe fans of the series should just share Sweeney?s enthusiasm that the game they waited for 15 years will soon be a reality.

You can still back Shenmue 3 by pledging $29 which nets you a digital copy of the game or $60 for the physical copy

. As of the moment, Shenmue 3 has only been announced for PC and PS4. The game is slated for a December 2017 release.

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