The Last Of Us 2 News: New Spoilers Derived From Trailer By Eagle-Eyed Fans

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Screenshot from Playstation’s official YouTube channel

The Last of Us 2 news have been scarce following the sequel?s announcement last December 2016. Now, new spoilers are circulating online after eagle-eyed fans spotted additional clues in the trailer.

The official teaser of the highly anticipated second installment was unveiled at the PlayStation Experience event last month. However, its creators from Naughty Dog have been very secretive of the project and all the details.

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Initial details

Fans are even unsure about when the follow-up to the hit 2013 title will be available. Naughty Dog will reportedly be busy with Uncharted 4 this year. As such, several The Last of Us 2 news reports have pegged a 2018 release date.

The Last Of Us 2

Screenshot from official Sony PlayStation trailer

With the lack of official information, gamers have been formulating their own theories about the game?s plot. One popular alleged storyline is that Joel is dead. Since he looked too pristine in the trailer, speculations are rife that he only appeared as a ghost.

With the male lead possibly dead, people expect Ellie to be the new protagonist in the sequel. The preview showed her looking all bloodied and alone in a house full of murdered people. This has fuelled conclusions that she will avenge for Joel?s death. Some think that he was murdered, but other The Last of Us 2 spoilers are claiming that he possibly killed himself.

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New theory about The Last of Us 2

Just recently, The Wolf Hall raised a new theory from the scene showing Ellie playing a guitar.

At the 1:48 mark in The Last of Us 2?s trailer, a poster inside the room where she is in showed the Greek character Theseus.

Known in Greek mythology as the son of ruler King Aegeus, he volunteered to go to Crete to save seven Athenian natives. They were supposed to be sacrificed to a Minotaur. To relay to the King that he succeeded in killing the creature, Theseus said that he would return with white sails.

However, he met and fell in love with Ariadne while in Crete. Even though he was able to slay the Minotaur, a series of events led to him losing his new love. Out of grief, Theseus forgot about changing his sails. This caused his father to conclude that he was killed, so the King ended up jumping off a cliff.

Gamers have connected the Greek tale to Ellie?s sacrifice in The Last of Us 2. Some pointed out that Ellie is out to save the remaining Fireflies who were held captive from the original story. As he is likened to King Aegeus, it is uncertain what will influence Joel to also take his own life.

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Nonetheless, all the theories were formulated by fans. Gamers are still advised to wait for official news from Naughty Dog. TheBitBag will also be on the lookout for more updates on The Last of Us 2.

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