The Last Guardian Review Embargo: Time And Date Revealed

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Now that a release date has been set for Team Ico’s game, fans are wondering when they will see a The Last Guardian review. Game companies always give critics a specific date for the review embargos, though it usually happens before or after release. It looks like Team Ico is going with the former, as fans can see reviews for the game come December 5 at 10am EST.

With the game coming out on December 6, after some delays, it’s clear that the developers have some confidence in its quality. Recently, some publishers give critics review copies on the game’s launch day itself, so fans can buy the game before seeing the review. That won’t be the case with The Last Guardian, though Team Ico is probably hoping for good reviews.

Date And Time

As mentioned earlier, fans will be able to see a The Last Guardian review?a day before the full game launches. Interestingly enough, the time for the reviews is 10am. That means fans can see a variety of reviews for the highly anticipated title fairly early. In fact, they will probably see reviews for the game the whole day, unless they want to try it out. Some gamers would rather form their own opinion first.

Still, those interested will likely appreciate the earliness of the reviews. Good, bad or mediocre, fans will be able to know the game’s quality before it becomes available to the public. It’s a risky move, but considering how hyped up the game has been, it’s only fair that the reviews come out a bit early. If anything, positive reviews might lead to better sales.

No More Waiting

Not only will fans see?The Last Guardian reviews early, they will be able to play the game on the next day. This is a moment fans have been waiting for since the game had originally been advertised for the PlayStation 3. After several years, we will finally see if this game announced way back in 2009 can meet everyone’s expectations.

The Last Guardian will be available on December 6 after numerous delays. It is a PS4 exclusive and has a collector?s edition. Fans curious about the company’s work can pick up the Team Ico HD collection for PS3. This bundle comes with Ico and the critically acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus.

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