The Last Guardian Release Date Revealed By Sony At E3 2016

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The Last Guardian Release Date

After a long wait, Sony has revealed The Last Guardian release date at E3 2016. During its press conference, Sony revealed that the game is coming to PlayStation 4 on Oct. 25, 2016. After almost seven years of game development, Sony has not shared a lot about the title, and even the video footage showcased by the company doesn?t give away much. However, what we have seen in the video looks promising, and those who have been waiting for the game will not be disappointed when it launches.

The Last Guardian will be the final chapter in the trilogy that includes Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. Fans have been waiting for the game since 2009, but the genDESIGN didn?t reveal a lot of information throughout the years. The studio said back in 2011 that the game will hit PS3, but ?The Last Guardian release date was pushed back. Last year, Sony confirmed that they are bringing it to PS4 by showing off a footage.

No matter how many changes the game has seen in its release plans though, the story still remains the same. According to the video footage revealed by the developer, the game features the same creature Trico and the little boy who were left in a mysterious world. The plot is still the same and features a touching story of the two trying to escape the unknown area while going through many puzzles.

The visuals look stunning, especially the moment when Trico appears. Trico is a creature that has the features of a giant dog and a bird, and this strange combination makes it more interesting. This hybrid creature and the little boy help each other survive in the ruins.It?s nice to finally see the giant bird and the boy together, and the duo seems ready to go on their adventurous quests.

The Last Guardian is finally coming, and while there aren?t much concrete details about the gameplay, Sony has proved that it will be stylish, heartwarming and impressive when it launches this year. As E3 2016 will run until June 16, there will be more news and updates on the upcoming games.

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