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The Last Guardian Release Date: Why Fans Are Excited For The Game

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The Last Guardian

After its reveal, The Last Guardian might come as one of the most powerful games of the year. When Fumito Ueda left Sony, it was said that Shuhei Yoshida kept the project for PlayStation 4, but no promises about the game were made at that time. In E3 last year, the developer finally announced the game, and fans are now expecting a solid launch at E3 2016.

Fans are wishing that The Last Guardian will live up to its hype. The upcoming action-adventure game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, but Sony didn?t feature the game in its Tokyo Game Show and even in the Paris Games Week. SCE Inc. global boss Yoshida said the game was not featured to limit spoilers. In his interview with Gamespot, Yoshida revealed that he wanted to include the game at Paris Games Week, but Sony wanted to restrict the information about the upcoming title.

Sony hasn?t revealed much about the game, but what we know so far about The Last Guardian is that it features a young boy using the superpowers of his giant pet Trico. The duo solves the puzzles and makes their way through dangerous paths to reach the finish line. The Last Guardian is a successor to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

In the trailer released by Sony, fans can see the two characters in a strange land. The boy meets Trico and they create an unforgettable bond of trust. Together, they go on different quests while relying on each other.

The Last Guardian also features advanced particle and lighting effects. The mesmerizing detailed environment and realistic animation makes it a must-have game in 2016. The game takes players into a world full of secrets and mysterious ruins, and it offers a lot of things for gamers to discover, as stated on the PlayStation Store listing.

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