The Last Guardian Ending: Are Barrels Really [Spoilers]?

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Similar to most forms of entertainment, director Famito Ueda?s The Last Guardian ending brings an unexpected plot twist. While the game?s plot is coherently told with a lot of flashbacks and narration, there?s still a lot of things unexplained and are left to the player?s interpretation. One of these include the glowing barrels that the young boy can feed to Trico. [Major spoilers from here on out]

The Last Guardian Ending

Once Trico and the young boy reaches the top of the tall building, several creatures like Trico will appear after they are called by the Master of the Valley. What’s interesting in this part is the?scene where two of the creatures spit out human beings in the tube found at the tower. These humans are covered in green goo, similar to what happens when Trico ejects?the boy from his body. It?s also worth noting that Trico?s poop is also covered with green goo.

Right after the two humans are deposited in the tube, a barrel immediately gets shot up in the air. This has led to some rumors that the barrels you found in the game to feed Trico are actually humans. Some of those attempting a second playthrough of the game feel hesitant to feed Trico barrels because of this thought.

Are Barrels Really Human?

There are a lot of possibilities on what actually happens to humans once they are deposited in the tower by the animals. Some speculate that the humans actually become one of the many stone guards that serve to protect the Master of the Valley.

Another theory is that the bodies of the captured humans are actually decomposed into gas and solid. The skin of the humans are turned into barrels while the innards are churned into a gaseous element to animate the stone guards.

It?s also possible that the Master of the Valley simply consume humans for its own nourishment. In turn, it shoots out barrels as a reward to the animals.

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There?s a lot more rumors and theories on what barrels really are. Until we get a close look on what?s inside these barrels, all of these ideas will simply remain as rumors.

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