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Last Game Manga

No romance manga can fulfill a happy ending without a wedding. Last Game Manga , which started August 24, 2011, is doing its duty by parting ways with its fans through Kujou and Yanagi?s wedding, giving them a happily-ever-after-feeling as this series comes to a close. The final chapter will be released in English next month.

In the meantime, let?s talk about the events leading up to this finale. We can say that Last Game manga is about Yanagi?s competitive desire to beat Kujou. In their primary school years, Yanagi was an arrogant rich boy who flaunted himself like a King and was used to being good at everything. But one day, Kujou transferred to his school and changed everything. Despite her timid appearance, she excelled in academics and sports, beating Yanagi in every exam or competition. Her nonchalant attitude made Yanagi think that Kujou was being arrogant, when it was the other way around. Yanagi declared Kujou as his rival and vowed to be better than her. He makes a plan to win against Kujou by: 1. Making her fall in love with him; 2. Rejecting her when she confesses; and 3. Making her cry.

Little did Yanagi know, that even with that kind of plan, Kujou would still win (without her even trying!). Yanagi soon developed feelings for Kujou as he got to know her. Even when Kujou transferred to a public school, Yanagi followed her. What started out as a plan to annoy Kujou, ended up bringing them closer together. For ten years this became an unrequited love for Yanagi while Kujou was happy that she gained a very good friend. Yanagi?s encouragement and support led to the blossoming of the previously anti-social Kujou.

Both of them, for quite sometime during college, were oblivious about each other?s feelings, especially Kujuo – often thinking that the other party only wanted to stay as friends. Fast- forward to the previous 2 chapters, just as when Yanagi found a resolve to confess, Kujou beat him to it (again!). Mistaking that Yanagi was leaving for America for good, Kujou ran to the airport and confessed as soon as she saw Yanagi, only to find out that he was only going to be gone for 2 weeks!

They soon went on a ?proper? date, which was a joy to read in the the last chapter, 55. The whole series was very refreshing and everything about it was just natural. It had a steady pace that maintained the likeability of each character all throughout until the end.

Fans are excited about the wedding chapter, as can be seen in the Japanese version scans online, it looks like something funny will happen. Of course, the whole gang will be there all grown up and elegantly dressed as Kujou and Yanagi end the story of their Last Game. Here’s a sneak peek!

Last Game Manga

Last Game Manga – Final Chapter

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