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Archery is a very tough skill to master. Not only do you have to have dexterity and skill, you have to be quite agile as well. To top it all off, you have to have very good eyes to see targets that are either moving or from a far distance away. We?ve all seen movies of Legolas from Lord of the Rings so we know how cool archery can be.

Suffice to say, Legolas had mad skills with a bow. Archery in real life just doesn?t seem to match up to that persona. If we were to classify, Legolas would be a pro archer, but what would a real life pro archer in action look like?

Enter Lars Anderson, a real life pro archer in the flesh. The video starts off with a more medieval theme to it as he showcases his bow wielding skills. A little later, he shows us his nimbleness with speed and accuracy. Shots are both fast and accurate. His level of mastery with the bow is scarily good and he showcases a lot more things as well like hitting falling objects with various sizes.

If you want to see a true to life pro archer in action, Lars Andersen is the man for the job.

Photo source: YouTube

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