Larry Stylinson Now Out? What Will Happen To Fandom Once One Direction ?Takes A Break??

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It?s inevitable, but One Direction will be going on an indefinite break once their On the Road Again tour wraps up in early 2016. According to Movie News Guide, while the boys promised Directioners that this is just a temporary break, many were wondering what would happen next to Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson?s fandom aka ?Larry Stylinson.? Will they officially come out as a couple or will 1D?s hiatus also put an end to these speculations? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

While the boys did not exactly confirm Larry Stylinson, the infamous ?Rainbow Bondage Bear? made an appearance during 1D?s O2 tour. During the said concert, RBB was dressed in a wedding gown with a photo of Larry Greyson signed ?Love, Larry,? the report further stated.

A rainbow Build-A-Bear and his teeny Rainbow companion have been seemingly trying to communicate with the fans from the stage.

The bear was first thrown onstage by a fan at one of Manchester?s Where We Are tour dates back in 2014, with either one of the boys or a member of crew keeping it to dress up, first being seen in what looked like bondage gear, thus the nickname ?Rainbow Bondage Bear,? said a report by Yahoo UK.

Fans who are lucky enough to be at tonight?s O2 show got the shock of their life when the spotlight drew their attention to the bears before the boys took to the stage.

Fans immediately took on to Twitter to talk about the same. Following are the tweets:




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