Larry Hernandez Out On Bail, What Will Happen Next To The Rapper?

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Larry Hernandez might be a relieved at the moment as he has received bail in the kidnapping case. Larry was asked to pay a $200,000 cash bond and was allowed to leave from South Carolina. Not just that, his passport was taken too.

According to Hollywood Life, the rapper and singer made an appearance in the court on Friday after being arrested in September. However, though Larry has been granted bail, the victim?s family are not in favour of the same.

?They kidnapped him, they beat him?He wants justice done because we do not want there to be another report that, instead of kidnapping, says murder,? said Alejandro Andrade, the brother of Larry?s alleged victim Jose Andrade.

?He is a very good person,? Eleazar Ceniceros, Larry?s stepfather, said. ?I cannot believe that they have done this to my son.?

When the cameras followed Larry as he left prison, he was seen enjoying his freedom. However, he will have to appear before the court on December 31, 2015, reported Latin Times.

Reports even suggest that Hernandez is upset because he was not paid the amount he was promised for his performance in South Carolina. And his anger shot up so much that he even ended up hitting the organiser of the concert. The organiser even gave a statement in which he said that Larry used a plastic to wrap his wrist and beat him up which led to his arrest and charges that included kidnapping and third-degree assault and battery.

As of now, Larry is allowed to return to his home and will have to co-operate with the police authorities in the investigation. He is also entitled to preliminary hearings before his next court date, and should the jury determine that there is insufficient evidence to support the charges, Hernandez’s case could be dismissed, reports Billboard.

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