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Lara Croft Go: Set To Be Released On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

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LAra Croft Go

Tons of publishers, namely Square Enix, has revealed a massive list of games that are either coming out or coming soon to the PlayStation console during PSX in Anaheim, California. Apparently, one of the mentioned game was Lara Croft Go.

Lara Croft Go Trophy List Leaked?

According to GameSpot, there are rumors about Lara Croft Go being available on Sony?s PlayStation consoles. The said rumors came into place following the appearance of the game?s trophies list on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Furthermore, there are 18 total trophies currently available.

Apparently, it wasn?t just a leak and the rumors weren?t just rumors. That being said, revealing the trophy list to the public was just a heads up to what would be unveiled during the PSX over the weekend.

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Lara Croft Go Goes Multiplatform

As announced in the stage conference, Lara Croft Go would be making a leap to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 from mobile devices. As a matter of fact, the puzzle-adventure game can now be accessed on selected Sony systems along with a few games. Titles such as SNK?s classic, Surgeon Simulator VR, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves are now available.

Apparently, Sony is making efforts on expanding the scope of available genres, as well as contents for both PlayStation Vita and Playstation 4. It appears that Sony thought of Square Enix?s Lara Croft Go as a good candidate.

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What is Lara Croft Go?

The game feature a slightly stripped down visual aesthetic that utilizes a lot of flatly shaded objects mirroring cel-shading. The game?s protagonist Lara Croft, is now a low-poly rendition of her former self from the era of PlayStation 2 where she sported short shorts, tank top, twin pistols, and calf-high boots.

In addition, the game also features various mystical elements that were also available in the previous Tomb Raider games. ?Most of the people were impressed with the game?s simple approach to this new version of Tomb Raider. Furthermore, people who loved the old & simple Tomb Raider games would surely love Lara Croft Go

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