Laptop-Free Cafes Are Surprisingly Way More Profitable

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Laptop-Free Cafes Are Surprisingly Way More Profitable

Just when you thought technology can give you everything, here is a report that says laptop-free cafes are getting more profitable than those that allow it.

Usually, the trend is to find caf?s or coffee shops that have a free WiFi with them. This way, you can use your gadgets to enjoy the Internet while sipping a hot cup of coffee. Now, everything is slowly changing. Establishments are slowly banning the use of laptops in their place. This is not a sign that they cannot afford a WiFi or the extra electric bill that comes when they come over to charge.

This is because caf?s are flocked by customers who are there for the WiFi and not because of the food. Chairs and tables are almost always taken when they had it. Laptop-free places get more orders and do not need to attend to ?empty chairs and tables?.

There Could Be Better Rules

One student asked whether this should be acceptable or not. Is there any other way to properly address the issue? In some coffee shops, they do it by asking for another order after every two hours. That way, both parties are getting what they want.

From the customers? point of view, there should be no issue on how long should they stay there as long as they paid for what they ate. For some, it is the duty of the restaurant to expand and cater to more people.

Laptops Allow People to Be Invisible

Another problem for those who are still not turning into laptop-free cafes is the lack of sense of community. Inside a caf? is a society. People talk to each other and not face their screens all the time. Those who have been running these places for the longest time thought that they are already serving to people who are not even there. They have already lost communication inside.

Smartphone, on the one hand, is a whole new issue. This could be because there are more things that can be done in a laptop than a smartphone. In the worst cases, people build their offices in cafes just because they think they have paid enough for the food.

Laptop-free cafes are the perfect example of the philosophy behind ?quality is better than quantity?. Besides, cafes should be visited because of their delicacies, not their WiFi connection.
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