Lambskin Condom: Can It Cause HIV? Charlie Sheen Reported To Have Used This

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The news of Charlie Sheen being test at HIV + surely broke the internet and shocked his fans too. And in his revelation he even stated that he had informed all his sexual partners about the same too.

However, one of his partners Bree Olsen stated that Charlie had used Lambskin condoms while making love. According to Yahoo, Bree does not have HIV, and went as far as to exclusively reveal her test results on air, that Sheen never told her about his HIV positive status. ?[He] never said anything, ever. I?m clean.?

For those who don?t know what lambskin condoms are, here?s what you need to know.

  • Basically, condoms in general, when used correctly, are pretty great. The breakage rate is only 2 percent, meaning 98 percent of the time they don?t break.?
  • Lambskin condoms do nothing to protect against any kind of sexually transmitted infection. They can be used as a barrier method for pregnancy, but offer no protection against infection ? especially and including HIV.
  • They are preferred by many over latex and made from natural materials. Lambskin condoms provide increased sensation and present no problems to the many people who are allergic to latex. They could be a good option for anyone seeking to improve intimate sensation. They are also great for men or their partners who might have a latex allergy.

According to Lambskin Condoms.Org, Lambskin condoms are very thin, and considered by many to have the best feel and provide the most pleasure of any type of condom. They transmit body heat better than latex. Not just that, they are biodegradable too and can be used with oil-based lubricants, unlike latex.

According to Sheen?s doctor Robert Huizenga, the actor has an undetectable amount of the HIV virus in his system following antiretroviral treatment. However, it is unclear if Sheen exposed women to HIV prior to his diagnosis, and prior the antiretroviral drugs kicking in. Furthermore, though Sheen claimed it was impossible for him to transmit HIV via unprotected sex, Dr. Huizenga disagreed and said, ?Individuals who are optimally treated, who have undetected viral loads, who responsibly use protection, have an incredibly low?it?s incredibly rare to transmit the virus,? the doctor said. ?We can?t say that that?s zero but it?s a very, very low number,? reported The Daily Beast.

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