LAG (5/20/10): Natal Is $200 They Say Gamer Girl

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LAG (5/20/10) Natal is 200 they say Gamer Girl!

Natal is rumored to be 200$! A gamer girl music video, and Doc from the tester has a deviant art?!

Natal rumored price is 200$

New releases
-Alan wake
-Red Dead Redemption
-Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
-Trama Team
viral video
Gamer Girl (mikencheese)
What have you been playing
GT: Ravergirl729
GT: GameMeetsGirl
Fan Art
Video game battle 3 by Deimos-remus

Featured Gamer
Doc from the tester
JINX.COM = Awesome!

GMG news
-Samurai showdown sen review

-I’m a gamer (fan clips by John Reeve)

-Spokesmayne collab

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