Where Is Lady Stoneheart? Game of Thrones Director Speaks Up

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With the resurrection of Jon Snow, the return of Benjen Stark, and the reemergence of the Brotherhood Without Banners in Game of Thrones, many fans are now asking: Where is Lady Stoneheart?

Many fans believe that the reappearance of these key characters is a setup for the return of Lady Stoneheart.

In case you don?t know who this character is, Lady Stoneheart is the resurrected corpse of Catelyn Stark, the mother of the slain King in the North, Robb Stark. In George R.R. Martin?s Song of Ice and Fire books, Catelyn is reanimated by Lord Beric Dondarrion after she got her throat slit during the Red Wedding. Taking in a new persona, Lady Stoneheart travels with the rest of the Brotherhood Without Borders.

The last time viewers saw Catelyn Stark (portrayed by Michelle Fairley) was in Season 3, Episode 9, described by fans as one of the most gruesome Game of Thrones episodes ever.

According to the International Business Times, Lady Stoneheart is a key character in the books.

?In the ?A Song of Ice and Fire? novels, Lady Stoneheart is a major character. She?s seeking revenge on all those who wronged her and her family, a motley crew including the Freys and Lannisters.

?In ?A Feast for Crows,? Lady Stoneheart believes Brienne of Tarth is a traitor after she sees the warrior carrying a Lannister sword, Oathkeeper. Brienne says she?s still loyal to the Starks, but Lady Stoneheart says she have to prove her loyalty by killing Jaime Lannister or she herself will be killed. Brienne refuses to make a decision, and her fate is left unclear.?

But in his interview with IGN, director Mark Mylod admits that the subject of Lady Stoneheart had not been brought up to him. Mark, who helmed the episodes ?The Broken Man? and ?No One,? added that he doesn?t know what?s in the minds of showrunnners David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

?You know, it doesn’t — certainly not with me. I’m not in the writers room, and I can honestly say, hand over heart, that I have not had one discussion about Lady Stoneheart. So I have no idea what’s going on in David and Dan’s minds.

?We tend to speak — there’s an old adage about ?Play the moment, not the future,? and because I’m such a massive fan myself, I’ll often get carried away talking or discussing future beats for the characters and then have to pull myself back because of course, in terms of actually playing the reality of the moment, these characters cannot see the future. They cannot see their own destiny. You can only play the truth of the moment in front of you.

Mark pointed out that as a director, his main focus should be on the current storyline and respect where the writers would take the story.

?So as a director, working with those actors, it’s important for me to stay focused on the present and to find that emotional truth in the moment. And I don’t mean that as a dodge in this case. I’ve genuinely had no discussions about Lady Stoneheart, so I genuinely couldn’t comment about whether that might or might not be in their minds for the future.?

Those closely following Game of Thrones, however, believe that Lady Stoneheart may not make an appearance on the show at all. The UK Telegraph reports that the show would not gain anything major from it.

?Realistically, the show doesn?t have that much to gain from bringing back Catelyn Stark. As resurrections go, this one seems the most nonsensical of them all ? Catelyn has been dead for three seasons, not three days, so her corpse has most likely decomposed by now. Also, Lady Stoneheart is concerned solely with avenging the murder of her family, a zombified husk of Catelyn Stark, only capable of croaking out orders to hang people. Sansa is taking care of things on the Stark-vengeance front anyway.

But there?s also the possibility that Michelle could have been secretly filming her scenes all this time.

?There haven?t been any sightings of Michelle Fairley, the actress who plays Catelyn Stark, in Belfast ? where most of the filming takes place. But there?s nothing to say she didn?t managed to sneak in and film a couple of scenes. It has even been posited that Lady Stoneheart is so deformed that she has been recreated using CGI. In that case, only Fairley?s voice would have been required and the scenes could have been recorded in secret.?

Is Lady Stoneheart returning to the show? Only time will tell.

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