Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion: Fake Perfect Illusion Song Better Than Original

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Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion
Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion

It?s been quite a long time since Lady Gaga made a new track and album. Unsurprisingly, her new song, Perfect Illusion, had thirsty fans in an uproar as it signals the pop diva?s return to making great music. But not everything may be as fine as it seems.

Perfect Illusion had some mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. The song was in a direction quite different to Lady Gaga?s previous work. Some loved it, some hated it.

WIth dispute still ongoing with Perfect Illusion, another song has entered the stage. It seems a fake version of Perfect Illusion has been unleashed upon the internet. And the incredible part is that a large number of fans are voicing out that the fake is better than the original!

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Fake is Better

The fake Perfect Illusion feels more Gaga than the original one. The fake song incorporates electronic techno beats coupled with upbeat lyrics. Overall, the song is very reminiscent of Lady Gaga?s older tracks.

The voice in the song even sounds like Gaga. Its pretty hard to tell because of the heavy auto-tuning.

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The Fans Have Spoken

Many fans just love the fake version more. Majority of users have commented just how much better it sounds overall. People have repeatedly pointed out that this should have been the song Gaga released.

The origins of the fake Perfect Illusion song is is still shrouded in mystery. Some users believed that this song is the original Perfect Illusion. Or at least, the first version that didn?t get release but was leaked to the public.

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The song could also be the work of renegade artist trying to ride on Lady Gaga?s name. It’s not uncommon for random people on the internet to make fake versions of songs and name them as ?official songs? of renowned artist.

The origins of the fake Perfect Illusion may be questionable, but many fans certainly love it more than the real one. What do you think? Is the fake better than the original? Let us know in the comments section below!

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