Lady C Tension Continues, Son Calls Her Opponents ‘Disgraceful’

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Leaving the jungle hasn’t cooled the tensions between contestant Lady Colin Campbell and?Duncan Bannatyne and Tony Hadley.

Speaking to The Mirror UK, Lady Colin’s son Dima Ziadie reveals that Bannatyne and Hadley waged a “jungle class war” on his mother, and further called them “disgraceful.”?The 22-year-old further told The Mirror that his mother was already battling an illness for weeks before quitting the reality show based on medical grounds.

He says, ?I could see she was bullied because I understand my mum and she doesn?t react or counter attack unless she is attacked. She won?t start a fight if you don?t throw the first punch. Once you throw the first punch she will counter attack.?

The socialite’s final hours in the camp were especially combative, with the 66-year-old clashing with entrepenuer Duncan Bannatyne and Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley stated?Daily Mail UK.

If the reactions from both men are to be believed, there is no love lost between the trio.

Speaking to the , Hadley called the socialite’s exit “a huge relief, as it was such a clash of personalities,” while Bannatyne says there is “nothing” he will miss about Lady C.

Enmity aside, Lady Colin is set to make more money out of the whole experience. The socialite is currently holed up in the five-star Palazzo Versace hotel near Brisbane, and will be selling the story of her experience for a reputed ?50,000. This is on top of the??70,000 she received for participating in the reality show.

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