Cute labels for your kids’ belongings to avoid losing them

Stay organized in the cutest way possible.

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Find your kids’ personal belongings with ease with Mabel’s Labels:

  • Cute, useful, and durable labels and tags
  • Teach kids to organize and find their belongings
  • Prevent losing your kids’ belongings 

It’s normal for little kids to lose their stuff from time to time. Even parents tend to lose or misplace their kids’ belongings. This can become quite stressful, especially if you lost something they truly cherish. You might even feel obliged to buy another one to replace it. Then there are cases when confusing situations arise because your kids have the same item as someone at school.

While putting a name sticker on their belongings can help, it is still possible to lose the said items. Teach your kids to take care of their personal belongings and find them on their own with these multi-use labels and bag tags from Mabel’s Labels.

Mabel’s Labels are both durable and cute, making them perfect for the whole family! You can put it on baby bottles, lunch boxes, food containers, clothes, shoes, bags, school supplies, and other household items to keep everything organized.

These multi-use labels and bag tags are waterproof, personalized, and laundry-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe. Unlike other stickers or labels; Mabel’s Labels won’t get scratched or fall off easily, either. You can literally put them on anything without worrying about losing them.

It will also be easier to find your kids’ stuff if their names are creatively labeled on it. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors suitable for any item. You can indicate your contact information on the label, too. 

Aside from bags, the bag tags can also be used on pencil cases, pouches, or wallets. You can have your kid’s favorite cartoon character printed on it, as well as your contact information and other labels you might want to include.

Mabel’s Labels is truly a life-saver when it comes to finding and organizing your kids’ belongings. These would also make great gifts for your loved ones, especially your fellow parents!