LA Riots II Videos Are Now Available!

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If you missed LA Riots II the videos are now available for download! They are in hi-res and altogether it’s a 3.4GB file! They’re up on MiniNova in two parts (since MiniNova has a 3GB file limit). They’re also available for direct download through for $2.99 if you want it in one big file and want to support what they’re doing. If you’re broke just download it for free via Bit Torrent or watch them on YouTube. 🙂

Part I via Bit Torrent
Part II via Bit Torrent

As for the tournament itself, there were plenty of exciting matches including:

* Combofiend vs. Kai (rematch from LA Riots I)
* The LA Riots debut of 15 year old Jayce the Ace & Street Fighter legend Alex Valle
* Ken I vs. Shizza
* L.A.’s #1 Balrog Keno vs. San Diego’s Gen Master Yeb

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