Kyoto Wild, A One Hit Kill Brawler Game

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Teddy Diefenbach is an LA based developer known for his love of role playing games and exploration of towns. He is best known for his work on the 2D action game Hyper Light Drifter, and that seems to have a major influence on his latest game, a solo project named Kyoto Wild.

Kyoto Wild was announced last month and is an isometric weapon based brawler which centers on a retired Ronin who fights his way through feudal Japan. The game can support multiple players from 2 to 4 players battling it out for the title of last man standing with the winner gaining the right to move through the game?s polygonal world.

The game starts off with players being placed in the same area armed with different weapons that also determine the abilities that go with them. The melee then ensues and when only 1 player remains, that player can move on to the next stage. There are a lot of different scenes and things will change depending on where the player chooses to go. Defeated players are reincarnated in the form of random townsfolk present in the new area.

Now that may sound like your typical brawler, but this game has another twist up its sleeve. The game has 1 hit kills. It?s an interesting take and one the developer wanted to be stubborn about. Having a 1 hit kill functionality means that you have to be more careful in your approach and being the last one standing also makes the gameplay more rewarding. Defeated players shouldn?t feel too bad though, because even death has a reward. Since players get reincarnated as a new character in the next room, you?ll get a new weapon and it will be interesting to see what you get.

The game platforms aren?t yet decided and Diefenbach hopes to release the game sometime next year. He is interested in a possible console release as well as online multiplayer features. There is still no definite timeline as Diefenbach is working by himself or with a small team.

There are plans to bring a playable version of Kyoto Wild to this year?s E3 event.

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