Kylie Minogue Best Friends Worried About Artist?s New Love? Find Out Why Here

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Friends always have our best interests at heart, and singer Kylie Minogue?s friends are no different.

The 47-year-old singer has been spotted in the company of British actor Joshua Sasse, who is 20 years her junior. They met on the set of American TV series Galavant and have seemingly grown close since.

Now her friend is concerned over the age gap between the two of them. According to Belfast Telegraph, Kylie’s friends want to see her happy and settled, but they’re concerned that by going for someone so much younger, she risks getting her heart broken again. They think she needs to slow down her hectic schedule and find a man her own age, who is husband material.

A source further stated that, ?Kylie is really falling for Joshua. She knows there’s a massive age difference between them, but she’s told friends that age means nothing when you have chemistry.?

Xpose?reports that the duo started hanging out on [the Galavant] set, then were both out at a party together, where they spent all night talking. Kylie has been swept off her feet. She loves that Joshua is young and hot – he’s a massive boost to her confidence.

The singer said she wanted to settle down in her past relationships. Last May 2015 she opened that she has a very successful career but she doesn’t have children and a relationship that she wish according to Food World News.

Well, now that Kylie has found love in Joshua, we hope that her dream of having a family and children comes true.

Here?s wishing her tons of luck!


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