Kylie Jenner & Tyga Break-up? Rapper Calls Her Lame And A Bitch? The Real Details Revealed

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Tyga was certainly not expecting break up as a birthday gift from Kylie Jenner but unfortunately it did happen. Kylie dumped him on his 26thbirthday and it is being said that the reason Kylie receiving pressure from the Kardashians while some say it is because he received a text from his ex Blac Chyna. However, looks like heartbroken Tyga came up with this song Happy Birthday just for Kylie.

According to Daily Mail UK, Tyga was swift to record the track – as he posted an Instagram snap of himself in the studio on Friday which he captioned ‘right now’ – just 24 hours after they suddenly broke up and seemingly as the news was breaking. The defiant rapper muses: ‘Whoah I got a big crib, how many rooms here? It’s a shame, lame’s all you’ll ever be. Now you’re telling me – all I get is jealousy’.

Clearly in no mood for sweet talk or trying to win back the young beauty, he repeatedly appears to refer to the teen as b***h, including a line which directly refers to being dumped on his 26th birthday. ‘Hey happy birthday, you look surprised. I’m a gift b***h, right before your eyes, I do this all the time b****, why you look surprised?,’ are the lyrics.

Hollywood Life?reports that, things got really heated during a Skype conversation after Kylie watched her dad?s interview on April 24. The youngest Jenner, who had been concerned Tyga had been ?lying? to her about his relationship with his baby mama, demanded he show her his texts between him and Chyna while Tyaga refused to do the same.

But latest reports even state that Tyaga has won her back and has promised to not upset her in the future.? Looks like someone has learned his lesson.

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