Kylie Jenner Pregnant? Tyga Game to Start a Family

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Blac Chyna has just given birth to Dream and it seems another baby for the Kardashian family will be on his or her way soon. New reports claim that Kylie Jenner wants to have a baby of her own and might just get pregnant one of these days.

Tyga is reportedly game with starting a new family with his current girlfriend. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been very helpful in taking care of Tyga and Chyna?s son, King. It looks like Jenner has grown mature enough to raise her own child. ?

According to reports, the youngest Kardashian sister opened up to Tyga about being a mom. Many were surprised about Jenner wanting to be a mother at her age.

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But if she really wants to be a mom as early as now, that would definitely be ideal since she has the energy and stamina to keep up with taking care of a kid.

Tyga to Impregnate Jenner Soon?

A source exclusively told HollywoodLife.com that Tyga is ?down to father a child with Jenner.? That means Jenner just needs to be sure about her decision to become a mother and she can carry Tyga?s son any time.

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Jenner could eventually prove that she is not only the queen of selfies, but she can be a loving mom too. The way she shows her maternal side by taking care of King is impressive. She even prepared a cool Ferrari theme birthday party for him on his fourth birthday.

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Those who follow Jenner on Snapchat must have watched her and King?s videos already. The videos are adorable, giving fans a glimpse of how Jenner and King?s relationship looks.

It is expected that Jenner will shower King?s younger sister, Dream, with love too. After all, she ?s not only King?s sister, but also her new niece.

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