Kylie Jenner Instagram Posts Highlight Boob Job; Here’s Why She Might Have Gone Under The Knife

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Kylie Jenner

This is not the first time the Internet went crazy over Kylie Jenner (alleged) boob job. But the last time people heard about it, all she ever said was ?it?s the time of the month.?

And now that Kylie seemingly “broke the Internet”?after posting her curvy features via Instagram, the question has been dropped again. Did Kylie Jenner get a boob job?

Kylie Jenner Boob Job Speculations

Kylie Jenner?s recent Instagram posts lit up the not-so-long-ago speculations that the 19-year-old entrepreneur had a boob job. Speculations that she?d been denying for quite a while.

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In her Instagram posts, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star displayed her larger than usual chest through her snaps on her Instagram account. Even her followers noticed how unusual the size of her bust is in her snaps.

Wearing a tight yellow top paired with a matching thong, it?s hard not to notice that Kylie Jenner?s boobs have oddly gotten bigger. The post was even followed by the actress? picture displaying her striking cleavage and tummy while wearing a gold velvet-ish top.

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That same day, Kylie confidently showed off her burgundy leopard print top that?s a bit revealing around the breast area. She also matched her outfit with a denim cap.

And what does her fans have to say about it?

Though her fans were in full support of her gorgeous pictures, some still want to know whether she really got her breasts augmented?in secret. Some were even convinced that she had an enhancement.

Kylie Jenner

There were comments on her Instagram posts saying that she definitely got one. Another one simply wrote ?Boobjob.?

While others tried to inject a bit of humor by saying ?boobs fresh from the factory I see.? While some, just compared it to two mountains.

Still, some just had to compliment her by saying she looked ?hot? and ?awesome.? At the end of the day it doesn?t really matter whether Kylie Jenner did get an enhancement, or it?s just simply ?that time of the month? or she?s just wearing a push-up bra.

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