Kylie Jenner Forgives Kim Kardashian On Lip Filler Controversy

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When there is Kim Kardashian involved how can controversy stay away? The latest buzz is that Kylie Jenner has forgiven Kim for forcing her to admit to lip fillers.

Earlier Kylie was upset with Kim for making her admit to the kind of surgeries and job that she has done. However in a recent report by ?Hollywood Life?a source close to them said that, ?Kylie is so glad that she?s [admitted to] getting her lips done. Kylie no longer has to deal with questions about her lips or the Kylie Jenner Challenge. ?It?s a huge weight lifted off her shoulders just to admit it and talk about it.?

An interesting part reported by?Diamond Celebrities?is that before coming out in the open about the lip job, Kylie would not admit or deny this news. However, she could not continue that as Kim made her own up to it on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The source said that, ?She was so mad at Kim for making her admit that she got her lips done but now she?s super grateful. She?s thanking her for making her do it and says she wishes she would have just been honest right away.?

So will this be the end of Kim and Kylie?s rivalry? , Well, that?s a little difficult to imagine since Kim in spite of being 34, has always insisted on how she wants to be 17 for the rest of her life. Wait? Is she competing with the 18 year old Kylie Jenner?

For now things look pretty good between the two of them and rumors suggest that Kylie will be taking advice from Kim hence forth.

Now that is something right? So let?s wait and watch how things go about from here on between the two of them.

Picture Courtesy: Kylie Jenner Instagram

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