Kylie Cosmetics Christmas Stocking Launch, Price & What To Watch Out For

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Kylie Cosmetics

Just after the success of Kylie Cosmetics limited collections, the young entrepreneur is ?back with a greater one!

Kylie?s birthday collection, Koko, is a collaboration with her sister, Khloe Kardashian. This new collection is making social media rounds right about now, that not knowing or hearing about it is should be considered social suicide.

Now, she?s finally released a new collection perfect for the holidays!

The Snapchat Countdown

The 19-year-old reality star and business woman was giving her fans and followers a few sneak peeks from her Snapchat just days before the release. She hinted at the packaging and swatches but were unfortunately shown in the black and white filter.

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Finally, today she has revealed the new collection exclusively on her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram and was later on all over her social media (and everyone?s!)

Kylie Cosmetics

It?s her BIGGEST collection?So what the heck is in it?

A LOT! This collection is considered to be her biggest so far. There?s the come back of the popular mini glosses (after her birthday release) and there are 3 cr?me shadows known as the exclusive Kyshadow. In addition, the collection includes the first set of Kylie brushes.

There would also be a silver Kylie bag, in which to store the goodies. Meanwhile, the Kylie Holiday Collection has all the products inside packaged beautifully. Some of the products are packaged as ornaments, which would look so fab hanging on your Christmas tree!

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Is her products worth buying?

Is it all just hype? Skeptics would wonder if it?s worth buying, when they could get better makeup from more popular brands like Mac.

Well, the new products from Kylie?s collection contain ?real diamond powder? and her limited collection is usually packaged really well. Therefore, it?s not just the cosmetics you?re paying for, but her name and her beautiful packaging as well.

All the products would be available on Monday exclusively on her website, at 1PM Pacific Time. Take heed, Kylie Cosmetics ships for free on the first day. What a nice way to spread the holiday cheer!

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