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Kuroko no Basuke: New 3DS Streams and Manga

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Kuroko no Basuke is another manga that?s making waves, reaching audiences via different means other than just the TV anime. ?However, the series had been on a hiatus since finishing after the Winter Cup. Now, people can finally read up once again on Kuroko Tetsuya and company as they embark on another battle?with Kuroko and Kagami teaming up with the rest of the Generation of Miracles.

That should prove to be interesting, eh?

Well, you can try to see how that will work by bunching up one or two of the Generation of Miracles with Kagami or Tetsuya. As per Anime News Network, courtesy of 3DS, you will be able to see how the team-ups work with a game?Kuroko?s Basketball: Ties of the Future, or, as per the Japanese title, Kuroko no Basuke: Mirai e no Kizuna. Also, how did Kuroko and the rest of the Generation of Miracles manage to gravitate towards each other? That is explored in turn in another new series, in another Anime News Network article.

New Screens for Kuroko?s Basketball 3DS

Like I?ve been saying, it really looks like the game looks like Slam Dunk on Game Boy.

That?s where the comparisons end, though. Kuroko?s Basketball, as per Anime News Network, is getting a 3DS game, and this is where it gets as close as it is to the new anime. The new anime features a team-up between the duo of Kuroko and Kagami with the Generation of Miracles, and it looks awesome. We also see what they would look like when paired with other characters from the anime, in this video:

[jwplayer mediaid=”108838″]

It looks like a court battle of sorts, and here, we see what a team-up between Kagami and Aomine would look like. Beastly, as some who follow the anime would say. We see Kagami stealing the ball and teaming up with Aomine.

Kuroko?s Basketball: Replace PLUS

Another new anime based on Kuroko?s Basketball is brought to us by Anime News Network.

The guys would all have started from somewhere, right? Back before they were the Generation of Miracles, these guys were middle school students, and that is the subject of Kuroko?s Basketball Replace PLUS. Manga readers could check for issues in their website of choice. Follow Kuroko and the gang as they make their way through middle-school and finding themselves on the basketball team.

It would be a nice thing to see who the Miracles were before basketball began to take over their lives. Kuroko and the gang have to have started somewhere, right? It?s this book which explores the life they had before they became the stars they?ve become.

Kuroko?s Basketball Presence

Unlike Kuroko, it appears this manga will make its presence felt one way or another. The anime seems to be taking a while to finish, but the manga is in full swing. Let?s hope for more of the manga to become available.


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