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Kuroko no Basuke: Interesting Gameplay Ahead of Season 3

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As far as it appears, Kuroko no Basuke is doing just fine.

Recently, news of a 3DS game has come out and it?s Kuroko no Basuke?s own. Fans of the game will be noticing a small similarity between the 3DS game and another anime Game Boy title, this one all the way back?the Slam Dunk game. However, in Kuroko no Basuke?s corner, it seems there?s something different, one benefit which the 3DS provides the game.

As per this Anime News Network article, the heat is on with Kuroko no Basuke. The game has another streaming gameplay, and this time around, it explains more about the game. So far, the trailers about the game has only shown players going against players. This time around, it shows a bit more about the gameplay?that it has certain RPG elements. Another news for the anime is that season 3 is right around the corner, and Crunchy Roll is responsible for bringing the anime to its loyal fans.

New Gameplay Stream Available

This video of Kuroko?s Basketball on 3DS shows just how much promise this game has.

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As it appears in the video, the gameplay will focus on an RPG style of recruiting members for your own basketball team. Kuroko is the main character you get to use, while you move around with another member, as per Anime News Network. It reminds me a little of Suikoden, particularly the member-gathering play of the video. Another thing that comes to mind is Pokemon, although you have to befriend people first-hand in order for them to join your team.

That actually explains a lot about the game. The earlier videos showed various members in one team, and this answers the question as to why there seems to be different members in one team. Will there be a competition of the different high school in the game, though?

The Crunchyroll Extravaganza

Crunchyroll has always been able to bring top anime to people who need it on-demand. Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are just some of the titles that they have been able to provide.

Attack on Titan has been one title they?ve been able to bring along, and now, they?re providing people streaming copies of the current season of Kuroko no Basuke. The current season pits the Generation of Miracles against each other, with a focus on how they are able to negate each other?s specific skills. At the center of it all is the duo of Kuroko and Kagami as they attempt to bring Seirin to the top.

The third season has already begun some days ago, as per Crunchyroll. As per the site, North American and UK KuroBas fans will be able to use Crunchyroll?s streaming service, among other.

Kuroko no Basuke fun

People will at last be able to see who gets to win it all among the Generation of Miracles. Who will prove to be the best member of the Generation who surprises all other? It?s going to be an exciting third season, and with the 3DS game coming along, people will also be able to relive their greatest rivalries in Kuroko no Basuke.


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