Kuroko No Basket Season 4 Renewed or Cancelled? The Last Game Movie To Arrive in Spring?

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Kuroko No Basket Season 4

Kuroko No Basket is one of the most beloved sports anime series. Since its third season has ended, fans have been patiently waiting for the next instalment to be confirmed. But Production IG, the studio behind the anime series, is yet to confirm whether Kuroko No Basket Season 4 will push through or not. Given the success of the anime overall, we?re sure hoping it gets renewed. There are also reports that claim that Production IG is currently busy with other projects, so it looks like Season 4 will not be released anytime soon.

Kuroko No Basket Season 4 Spoilers

Spoilers for Kuroko No Basket season 4 suggest that the main team will now compete with some new teams in an international tournament. These new teams are from different countries.

It is expected that the team will have to undergo vigorous training. The teams that they will face could have different styles, which means they need to train harder than ever. As of this time, no one really knows if Kuroko No Basket season 4 will arrive. Fans are surely hoping that Production IG will make an announcement about the anime series very soon.

In spite of the wait for Kuroko No Basket Season 4, fans still have all the reasons to rejoice. This is because an anime adaptation of Kuroko No Basket Manga, Basket: Extra Game was already confirmed to arrive in Spring 2017.

The movie is titled Kuroko Basketball The Movie: The Last Game. Apparently, it has a different title but it will feature the same story as the manga sequel. At least, fans still have something to look forward to.

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