Kung Fu Panda 3 Plot & Release Date: ?Real? Panda Triplets To Appear? Po To Become Absolute Master!

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Kung Fu Panda

With the latest trailer out, once again, team Kung Fu Panda announces their imminent arrival on January 29, 2016. This time, more cute Pandas are coming to entertain their fans on screen.

The 3D animated Kung Fu Panda 3 is going to feature three Panda bear cubs from China. According to Daily Mail, the world?s only surviving Panda triplets Mena Meng, Ku Ku and Shuai Shuai will make an appearance in the upcoming movie produced by Dreamworks Animation and Oriental DreamWorks.

Since Pandas are endangered species and facing the threat of low birth rate, this movie aims to show viewers the importance of taking care of the species and what they can do to help stop their ?almost extinction.? Oriental DreamWorks? CEO Fang Gan said in an interview that the main reason they are including these elements from Chinese culture is to make global audience able to understand China better than before, gbtimes reported.

The recent trailer reveals the plot where Po finds his biological father along with other Pandas who are residing at village mountains. This comes as a big surprise to Po according to Movie News Guide. The scene is a statement because it shows support of China?s initiative to save Pandas.

Kung Fu Panda 2 made him understand that Mr. Ping is not his real dad. The happy union of Po with his Pandas will not last for long. However. New villain Kai has reached China to kill all Kung Fu masters. Will he succeed in that cruel act? Po will have Tigress, Monkey, Shifu, Viper to boost him up. Most gorgeous Angelina Jolie and Action King Jackie Chan will be the voices for Tigress and Monkey respectively, according to SpinOff.

Po will have to train his kin and covert them from fun loving and fat Pandas to bold and strong Kung Fu Pandas, briefed by We Got This Covered. Will it be an easy task? Absolutely, his struggle to make them ferocious warriors will be a laughter treat for viewers.

Dustin Hoffman, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, James Hong, Bryan Craston and JK Simons will return to voice other characters as per the latest update by IMDb.

The film is directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni. Since first two sequels were awarded with Best Animated feature film and crossed $1.3 billion box office collection it?s obvious that fans are looking for more fun from this sequel too.


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