Kubo and the Two Strings Review: Not for Kids?

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Kubo and the Two Strings Review

LAIKA has done a great job with this stop-motion fantasy full-length movie. But like their previous project, such as Coraline, we can?t help but think maybe this movie is not for kids. Here is our Kubo and the Two Strings Review.

LAIKA Entertainment has been a leader in the field of animation, having won numerous awards. Aside from Coraline, they are also the geniuses behind these remarkable titles: ParaNorman, Tim Burton?s Corpse Bride and Boxtrolls. So in terms of the animation and art of Kubo, no doubt it was beautifully crafted. The movie transports us into a magical world where colors change to highlight the mood, and where minute details are given importance to make a scene come to life.

While the art is very alluring, the beginning of the movie is dark. A young kid might be scared or traumatized right from the get-go. The beginning introduces Kubo and his mother, who was running away from someone who wanted to harm her son. The mother hits her head on a rock and it produces a big scar on her face. Then the movie reveals Kubo, a baby whose eye was stolen by his own grandfather. This would shock kids for sure.

As the movie progresses, it might also take kids a while before they can find something that would keep them glued to the screen. The origami show was awesome but it was brief, followed by evil gothic Aunts, who are out to harm Kubo. It might be unfair to compare this to Zootopia but perhaps this animation isn?t targeted for kids, unlike cute furry creatures in an adventure.

Kubo and the Two Strings Review

This Kubo and the Two Strings review does not intend to dissuade anyone from watching this amazing film. The coming of age story of Kubo is gorgeously interpreted through an adventure we can only dream about. The lesson it aims to pass on is indeed inspiring. However, perhaps young adults and adults would be the ones most suitable to appreciate it.

Do you agree with this Kubo and the Two Strings review?

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