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Kritika The White Knights Update: Ice Warlock Arrives! All Avatars On Sale And New Time Rewards!

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New content has been added in the recent?Kritika The White Knights update. These include rewards, sales and a brand new character. The ice warlock has arrived in Kritika The White Knights.

The Kritika The White Knights update introduces a new class: Ice warlock. He dominates enemies using his ice magic. With powerful frost magic attacks, he will sweep the enemies off the ground. His spells includes ?Frost wind,? ?Ice Beam,? ?Ring of Ice,? and ?Diamond Glacier,? which mostly have a wide range ice magic attack. With this ice hero included in the character list, you can now battle enemies with extreme cold and shattering action.

Aside from the added character, there is also a special sale event happening this week. It features the following:

  • ????????300 Awakening Stones: 3000 Karats
  • ????????100 Awakening Stones: 1000 Karats
  • ????????10 Gold Keys: 600 Karats
  • ????????3 Bronze Keys: 10 Karats
  • ????????50 Silver Keys: 350 Karats
  • ????????Chest Open Fee (For equipment only): 25% off

That?s not all, the avatars are also on sale. These include the body (which is 300 Karats off), weapons (that are 200 Karats off) and finally, the wings (600 Karats off). But players must hurry because this is a limited time offer that will be available from November 7 to November 11 at 6 p.m. (PST).

Here is a list of the avatars that are on sale this week:


  • ????????Body Avatars- Berserker/Demon Blade/Burst Breaker: Dark Knight/Glacier (Blue)
  • ????????Cat Acrobat/Crimson Assassin: Paladin Knight
  • ????????Dark Valkyrie/Blood Demon: Paladin Knight
  • ????????Shadow Mage: Dark Knight/Glacier ?(blue)
  • ?????????clair: Paladin Knight


  • ????????Paladin Knight Series/ Dark Knight Series


  • ????????Dark Knight?s Wings/ Paladin Knight?s Wings

With every week, Mondays to be exact, the Avatars and the items on sale will be refreshed and a new batch will be presented. Make sure to check out Kritika The White Knights update weekly to keep track of the changes.

Kritika The White Knights players should not miss this great chance to collect avatars and items that they need. Remember, this is only offered for a limited period of time.

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