Kristen Stewart To Play Diva Role in New Lagerfeld Short Film

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Get ready to see Kristen Stewart in a new light.

Veering away from her usual Hollywood roles, the ?Twilight? and ?Still Alice? actress stars as a temperamental actress in the 11-minute film??Once and Forever,? a movie about a movie directed by fashion icon and designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The short film, set to be screened in Rome on December 1 along with Chanel?s latest M?tiers d?Art collection, will have Stewart playing a young actress casted to portray a young Gabrielle?Chanel?in a fictional biopic. Geraldine Chaplin will play the legendary designer in her twilight years.

According to WWD, Lagerfeld said he conceived the film with Stewart in mind and knew she could play the role of a volatile actress effortlessly.

?She?s so good,? the designer said about Stewart, who is a front-row regular at Chanel runway shows and was seen at last July?s casino-themed couture show along with other celebrities pretending to play a game of roulette.

?I think she?s one of the greatest actors of her generation,? said Lagerfeld. ?She gives the right emotion and the right intensity immediately so it?s very easy to work her, like it?s easy to work with Geraldine.?

This is Lagerfeld?s 20th mini-movie for Chanel and who better to helm these films than the head designer and creative director of the fashion house who has access to resources and information not available to other filmmakers.

Just like the designer that he is, Lagerfeld has his own way of creating a film. He conceives the entire movie in his head and then doles out dialogues on set.

?We didn?t receive scripts,? Stewart said. ?From the outside it looked as though Karl was making it up as we went. And maybe he was.?

Lagerfeld conceived the plot, dialogue, costumes and casting, and commissioned Harper?s Bazaar editor Laura Brown to play an American journalist.

See the teasers for the short film here and here.

Stewart is also set to be the star in the advertising campaign for the Paris-Rome M?tiers d?art with none other than Lagerfeld as her photographer.

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