Kristen Stewart Soko Breakup: Twitter Rant Showed Soko Gave 100%?

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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart and Soko is not together. Soko?s tweets are indirectly conveying that she is living with a broken heart.

?Like I don’t feel like myself anymore at all. I’ve Been too many characters.. And can’t get back to my life. To knowing who I really am,? Soko wrote. In her another post, she has mentioned that she is missing music so much and it?s a kind of death for her.

?This pretend life is too lonely. I barely see my friends and family, coz I’m always working. And that’s no fun at all,? Soko?s another tweet reads.

Soko has diverted her mind to films. Soko is focusing on acting career. According to Euro News, she will be playing the lead character in the film ?The Dancer? which is based on the life of American dancer Loie Fuller. ?

What Really Happened Between The Couple?

In an interview Soko confessed that she had dated Pattinson and both of them enjoyed the blind date. It might be a big shock for Kristen Stewart. It’s believed to be the reason for Kristen and Soko?s break up. Kristen-Soko breakup was a shock for Kristen?s fans. Because she was having intense bonding with Soko. They were spotted kissing in public place. A source had told ENSTARZ that Kristen-Soko relationship is sure intense and fiery. Soko is definitely the pursuer and Kristen is really enjoying it. She likes the idea of dating a non-American again, and Stephanie (Soko) is very avant-garde and different.

Is Kristen Stewart Single?

Kristen is back to her former girlfriend as well as personal assistant Alicia Cargile. Kristen and Alicia met Kristen?s dad John Stewart in Studio City, California on Father?s Day. Their relationship is becoming stronger.

Kristen is in favor of homosexuality. In an interview with US Magazine, she said that in three or four years, there are going to be a whole lot more people who don?t think it?s necessary to figure out if you?re gay or straight.

Do you feel Soko is ?better than Alicia Cargile?

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