Kristen Stewart Latest News: Actress To Meet With Ex Robert Pattinson? Does Mini Twilight Reunion, And Embraces Sexuality But Not Social Media!

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Kristen Stewart latest news

Years after her last Twilight movie came out, Kristen Stewart continues to make waves in the headlines, highlighted not only by her acting stint, but controversies involving her relationships as well.

Kristen Stewart Latest News: Twilight Reunion

Recently, Kristen met with former Twilight cast Taylor Lautner during the LA Premiere of her new movie, American Ultra. According to entertainment website Pop Sugar, their meeting marks the first time fans have caught a glimpse of the Twilight Saga costars since they went to a Sam Smith concert in January.

The two has been working on separate projects ever since.

During the meet, Kristen was looking fab wearing a rather revealing romper with a plunging neckline ? an Instagram-worthy OOTD, but the actress is well known for not having a single social media account.

“The idea of addressing such a massive group, if I don?t know who I?m talking to, it doesn?t make any sense to me,” the actress said in an interview with Twist Magazine.

The actress believes that her presence online will not be necessary anymore, and they have enough information about her regarding her career and personal life from gossip sites and television.

Speaking of her personal life, Kristen has been very open when it comes to her sexuality, and has been very open about her relationship with personal assistant, Alicia Cargile.

In fact, during an interview with Hollywood Life, Kristen?s mom Jules, have nothing else but positive things to say about the relationship.

?What?s not to be accepting about her now having a girlfriend? She?s happy,? Jules allegedly told?The Sunday Mirror,?adding, ?I?ve met Kristen?s new girlfriend, I like her. What?s not to accept? She?s a lovely girl.?

Kristen and Rob meeting soon?

And when it comes to ex flame Robert Pattinson, it seems like there?s a very good chance that the two will be crossing paths soon. According to an article, both actors are set to attend the Venice International Film Festival and the possibility of a reunion is high.

The lineup for the 2015 Venice International Film Festival has just been announced and both Kristen and Rob are on the list of attendees since the films they are starring in will?be shown at the 72nd annual film festival.

However, seeing as the festival is from September 2nd to the?12th, the actress might not even see her former beau. Not to mention their films are in two totally different categories. Kristen?s film?Equals,?directed by Drake Doremus,?is in the Venezia 72 category and is competing against other international feature films. Meanwhile,?Rob?s film?A Childhood Of A Leader, directed by?Brady Corbet is in the?Orizzonti category for films that represent the latest aesthetic and expressive trends in international cinema.

The same article also shares that Kristen might be avoiding her ex by doing things like attending the second weekend of Coachella?and?not?going to the Met Gala, but chances are things might not be so bad if the two crossed paths. Back in May 2015?Kristen did not?show up to the Met Gala where Rob and his fianc? FKA were in attendance. However, it wasn?t because she wanted to avoid her ex-boyfriend. ?Kristen would have attended the Met Ball if she didn?t already have another commitment,? a source close to the actress said.

So do you think the two will be meeting soon? That will definitely be the stuff of absolute social media dream.

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