Kristen Stewart In Love With Alicia Cargile: Kristen-Alicia kissed each other?

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Kristen Stewart is deeply in love with Alicia Cargile. Kristen and Alicia Cargile kissed each other in Los Feliz, California, a couple of days ago.

This news may not be a shock for Kristen?s fans. Because they are getting to hear loads of rumors about Kristen and Alicia since a week. Kristen was seen with Alicia after attending the party for her film Equals” on July 7.

“Kristen had gotten out of the fancy premiere dress and into casual clothes, and was hanging out with people around booths at the party. I assume it was her girlfriend she was with, because they were holding hands, and Kristen had her arm around her and on her a** at one point,? an eyewitness told ET Online.

Kristen took Alicia to the Cannes Film Festival. ?Kristen and Alicia had met Kristen?s dad John Stewart in Studio City, California on Father?s Day. The couple was holding hands. Kristen is not much bothered about what others will comment about her sexuality.

?I think in three or four years, there are going to be a whole lot more people who don?t think it?s necessary to figure out if you?re gay or straight. It?s like, just do your thing,? Kristen told in an interview. Kristen mom is also not against homosexuality. Earlier she had confessed that people need to be free to love whoever they want.

Kristen was in a relationship with French singer Soko before moving to Alicia Cargile. The couple was spotted kissing in the public place. But later it was reported that they ended their love life. On Twitter, Soko wrote that she is unable to get back to her life. ?As per the rumor, she is recovering from the breakup.

Soko is concentrating on acting career. She will be playing the lead character in the film ?The Dancer? which is based on the life of American dancer Loie Fuller. ?

Kristen?s first love Robert Pattinson is not in her life anymore. The ?Twilight? star is likely to tie the wedding knot with singer FKA Twigs. The couple was seen at the Met gala event.

Do you feel, Kristen is serious about her relationship with Alicia?

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